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The Vegetarian Charity is a registered charity that exists to help vegetarians and vegans up to, and including, 25 years of age.

Why the age limit?

Because we were originally set up as a charity to help vegetarian children and our charitable constitution limits us to giving grants to people who are under 26. So, by law, we can't make exceptions to this without changing our charitable constitution.

How do I prove I'm vegetarian/vegan?

We use the Vegetarian Society's definition of 'vegetarian' – if you eat fish you are not a vegetarian.You need to supply us with contact details of two people (not family, house mates or students) who are willing to vouch for your vegetarianism/veganism. We will write to them personally to request signed reference statements.

I haven't been vegetarian for long – is that OK?

As long as you are a vegetarian or a vegan you can apply. Every application is considered on its own merits, but our trustees will be looking for evidence of commitment to your ethical diet. You will be asked to write a covering letter with your application explaining your commitment to vegetarianism/veganism and telling us why you need a grant.It might be advisable to wait until you have been vegetarian or vegan for at least a year or two.

I'm not in the UK – can I still apply?

Yes, we will consider applications from overseas.

What can I request a grant for?

Grants are usually given for educational courses and for the relief of poverty. We help many people who are students, or who need help to become students. We also give grants to help with the purchase of items such as equipment for courses, equipment for applicants with special needs, computers, sewing machines, art materials, bedding, furniture, carpets, fridges etc.

Is there anything I can't use the funds for?

Yes, we DO NOT fund:

  • Help with starting a new business
  • Fundraising for another charity
  • Contributions to pay off debts

Our Trustees will turn down applications if they feel the purpose for which the grant is to be used is not in line with our vegetarian/vegan ethics.

I have a vegetarian child, can I apply?

Parents or guardians can apply on behalf of children.The grant must be used specifically to help the child, and not for the family as a unit.Requests for assistance with school clothing, school trips, shoes, coats and other essential items for children would receive careful consideration from the Trustees.

I'm not at uni yet, when can I apply?

We would advise you not to apply for a grant until you have proof of a firm acceptance of a university place. If you are waiting for exam results we will not begin the grant process until we know you are definitely going. If you think you will be stretched financially when you start your studies, it is best to wait until you need help as our Trustees may not give grants where the financial hardship is anticipatedbut not happening yet.

I'm nearly 26, is it worth applying?

It can take 2-3 months to process an application and you need to be under 26 on the day that we transfer funds to you, so bear this in mind when you are applying. If you are applying for help with something that you will not be doing until you are 26, our Trustees will generally consider that you are ineligible or assistance.

Why do I need to send bank statements?

We ask you to supply your two most recent bank statements with your application so that we can be certain that you are in need of financial assistance. If you have a savings account or more than one bank account, you should supply statements for these too.

Why was my application turned down?

Each application is considered on its merits and it is not possible to say in advance whether or not it will be successful. Our Trustees consider everything on your application form in detail, as well as looking at your income and expenditure, your CV and your references. We do not enter into correspondence about why applications are turned down.

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