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The Vegetarian Charity's Trustees consider applications for financial assistance from vegetarians and vegans up to and including the age of 25 years for specific courses, projects or equipment, or in cases of individual poverty.

Are you a vegetarian? Vegetarians do not eat any meat or fish, or any food that requires the killing of an animal.

  • We do not give grants for starting businesses.
  • If you are anticipating hardship (eg. planning to go to university but not a student yet) it may be advisable to hold back your application until there is clear evidence of your needs.
  • We do not give grants for paying off debts but will consider grants to help in other ways if you can provide evidence that you are managing your debt.
  • Applications may take several months to process and we do not 'fast track' applications. If you have urgent problems you should consider other ways to find the help you need. If you are within a few months of being 26 or finishing your course, or trying to raise money for a short course or trip that is coming up soon, it may be better to look elsewhere for funding.
  • Our grants are not normally more than £500. If you need more than this to take your plans forward, you should use your covering letter to explain how you intend to raise the rest of the funds you need.
  • If you have only been vegetarian for a short time, it may be advisable to wait and apply when you can show a longer term commitment to vegetarianism.

Each application is considered on its merit and it is not possible to say in advance whether it will be successful. All correspondence is by letter or email. We do not enter into correspondence regarding unsuccessful applications. You can make an enquiry here.

If you want to apply for a grant, download the application form. Complete the form, then use the application portal below to upload the form along with your supporting documents.

Application Form (WORD) Application Form (PDF)

Upload your application form here

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Additional Documents

If any of the following apply, please attach them here: Savings bank account statement, Proof of university offer, Proof of university enrolment, Student loan documentation, Letter from university tutor, Other letters of recommendation, Evidence of strong commitment to vegetarianism/veganism, Statements from social services, Evidence of debt management, Proof of medical conditions (if these are to be taken into account), Proof of cost of proposed purchase, Other additional information.

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