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We would like to hear from committed vegetarians and vegans who are interested in volunteering their time as trustees. Further information.

Unfortunately it was stated that The Vegetarian Charity considers grant applications from anybody who is 'willing to promise to give up meat'. This is wrong: we only consider applications from people who are already vegetarian or vegan, and can supply references to verify this. If you have only just become vegetarian you can apply for a grant but our trustees are more likely to award grants to those who can demonstrate a long-term commitment to a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle.

Our annual vegan cookery course is no longer running. We ran the course for ten years in memory of our Chair, Maxwell Lee, and taught the basics of vegan cookery to many young people. We are now redirecting the funds previously used for the course in order to make more grants available.

The Vegetarian Charity is a registered charity that exists to help needy vegetarians and vegans up to, and including, 25 years of age. Financial assistance can be given for educational courses and the relief of poverty. Applicants may apply on their own behalf or, in the case of young children, a parent or guardian can apply on behalf of the child.

Please note that we adhere to the Vegetarian Society's definition of 'vegetarian' and if you eat fish you are not a vegetarian.

Grants are available without consideration of ethnic origin, race or religion. The Charity is UK based but considers applications from most countries. Each application is considered on its merits and it is not possible to say in advance whether or not it will be successful.

Where applications are from students studying courses of higher education, priority is given to first degrees, but all applications are considered.

The Charity's expenditure varies from year to year but in a twelve month period it might award total grants of £30,000 to assist with education or the relief of poverty.

Whilst the Charity assists many students facing financial hardship who might otherwise be forced to leave higher education, the Charity's Trustees are keen to receive more applications from young people and parents experiencing financial hardship. Requests for assistance with school clothing, school trips, shoes, coats and other essential items for children would receive careful consideration from the Trustees.

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