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Children at the SKCV home in India.

Grant: India
Children at the SKCV home in India.

The Vegetarian Charity has been helping to fund the work of SKCV (Street Kids' Community Villages) in India with an annual grant since 1994. SKCV is a registered charitable trust in India, the UK and Holland. The SKCV trust works directly with children in India who have no other form of support. SKCV is currently running seven major child development Street Children Rescue Centres in South India. SKCV provides the former street children in their care with proper shelter, a lacto-vegetarian diet, skill training, medical aid, recreation, counselling and education. The children all voluntarily join their 'villages' and any training scheme they undertake. In the photograph of the home above, the building on the right, nearest the river was built with a grant from The Vegetarian Charity following flood damage in 1999.


Tricia Norton writes: "It also houses the village director and his small family. There is a large meeting room, computer studies room and outside, a very wide veranda used for all the shows given by the dance and acting groups. These groups have become very famous and earn money for the project. So ... a valuable building; and in constant use."

Clothing and piano lessons for a child

The Vegetarian Charity has been supporting a single parent living on state benefits with one son since 2000 with awards for clothes and school uniform. The Charity has also paid for a series of piano lessons for the son which his mother would not have been able to afford. The lessons have given the child much pleasure and his tutor reports that he is progressing well.

Vegetarian Clubs in the Ukraine

Grant applicants
Students at one of the Crimean Society of Vegetarian Culture Club lectures, displaying vegetarian literature.

The Vegetarian Charity awarded a grant to the Simferopol City Public Organisation Crimean Society of Vegetarian Culture in the Ukraine to help finance a project to found students' vegetarian clubs in three higher educational institutions in Simferopol.

The project aimed to provide information on vegetarian philosophy, to teach young people to cook nutritious vegetarian dishes for students and to educate young people on "the positive personal qualities based on healthy living, mercy protection of animals, morality and spirituality".

The students were not charged to attend these classes.

The Society's future plans included lectures and workshops as well as training teachers and media relations work.

Support for a student struggling to afford to complete her course

The Vegetarian Charity was able to support a student at the London School of Economics whose father was unexpectedly made redundant and, as a result, could not make the expected contribution to her expenses.

Even though she had managed to get some part-time work she wrote: "I was in severe financial difficulty and concerned that I would not be able to complete my degree course. Thanks to your generous award, I was able to concentrate on my studies and graduated last month with a first class honours and won a prize for the best dissertation. Once again, thank you for your assistance and I hope you are able to go on providing valuable help to students in need".

* These are true case studies of grants awarded by The Vegetarian Charity but many of the details have been changed to protect the identities of the young people involved. The quotations are from genuine letters of thanks addressed to the Charity's Trustees.

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