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Grant applicants

Applicants for the relief of poverty and for support with educational courses who are under the age of 26 years should complete the Grant Application Form and send it to the Grants Secretary, preferably via email.

In the current economic climate postgraduate applications are only considered in exceptionally difficult personal circumstances.

Organisations should use the separate Organisations Application Form. Please note that our constitution does not allow grants to be made for business projects. To be eligible for consideration, a project should be exclusively for the benefit of vegetarians and/or vegans under the age of 26.

From receiving a completed application form with all the necessary supporting documents (detailed in the application form), it takes approximately three months before any award to successful applicants is available in their bank account. We advise that it is in your own best interest to apply as soon as you are able.

Please be aware that the under 26 rule applies at the point when the charity makes the payment, which means you may be timed out of the process if you start your application when you are 25.

You can apply at any time of year. If you are applying for assistance with living expenses at university, you should bear in mind that the charity exists to provide help to those experiencing hardship, not those anticipating experiencing hardship.

As a small charity with limited availability of funds the Trustees would not normally authorise individual grant payments of more than £500. If an applicant requires considerably more than this amount then the Trustees need to know how the remainder will be raised so they are assured the project is affordable.

When considering applications, the Trustees take into account efforts made by applicants to improve their financial situation. Any evidence of employment or efforts made to find work (or conversely, reasons why they have been unable to do so, such as medical certificates) should be included. The Trustees also look for evidence of applicants' firm commitment to a vegetarian or vegan diet.

Vegetable heart

Should you submit an application with all the appropriate information, your two references confirming your vegetarianism will be taken up. All your information will be circulated to our Trustees. The Trustees make their decision based on your application via an email vote stating whether they recommend a grant and, if so, the amount they think should be awarded. The Grants Secretary will let you know the Charity's decision as soon as this procedure is complete.

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