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The Vegetarian Charity is an amalgamation of The Vegetarian Children's Charity and The Vegetarian Home for Children and was formed in 1986.

Orchard Dene
Orchard Dene Vegetarian Home for Children, Rainhill

The Vegetarian Children's Charity was created after the Vegetarian Children's Home in Rainhill in Liverpool closed with the sale of the property being used to create the fund.

Three children from this home needed to be found another residential place and the father of two of them, who was from Jersey, asked Mr & Mrs Walden who owned a vegetarian guest house on the island if they could help by taking in these children. As it was low season the Waldens agreed and became their foster parents. This set in motion a chain of events that was to lead to the foundation of La Preference, the Jersey Children's home.

When this home closed, the remaining children went to National Children's Homes and the funds from the sale of La Preference were amalgamated with the Vegetarian Children's Charity — which had made an annual donation to the La Preference — to form The Vegetarian Charity.

Children with dolls' pram at Orchard Dene, 1935

The Vegetarian Charity is completely independent from any other charity, campaigning group or organisation and has no legal or formal connections with The Vegetarian Society or The Vegan Society.

If you are a former resident of one of the vegetarian children's homes and seeking your records or personal information please note that all our records are now deposited in Local Authority archives. Please see the links page for details of where to find records connected with the homes.

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